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Craigslist Blackhat Marketing System


With the Craigslist Blackhat System you will be able to quickly and easily discover all the secrets to start making money online immediately. James holds nothing back as he shares with you his deepest darkest secrets for making money on Craigslist. Now you will have a front row seat as he walks you through exactly how he does it.


Once you see how quick and easy it is to start making money online using The Craigslist Blackhat will be so excited you won't be able to contain yourself! It's all on video... step by step!


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Craigslist Blackhat Marketing Videos

Introduction To Craigslist

Setting up your account quickly and easily
Quick and easy manual submission tricks
Step by step instructions for posting ads
What to look for when posting ads
How to tap into the most traffic on Craigslist
Tricks to avoid getting flagged or banned

13 min. 46 sec.

Craigslist Blackhat Marketing Videos

Writing Ad Copy That Sells

Avoiding common ad copy mistakes
Where to advertise to get the best response
Why your ad isn't getting clicks
What puncuations you should never use
Where to spy for the best ads
Writing a winning ad in two minutes

06 min. 08 sec.

Craigslist Blackhat Marketing Videos

Using Blogspot For Profit

Create instant redirects on demand
Sneaky email tricks to stay anonymous
New Blogspot tricks to save time
How to get craigslist spider to ignore your ad
Simple "stealth" technique to become invisible
Post every day and never get flagged

09 min. 07 sec.

Craigslist Blackhat Marketing Videos

Creating Hidden Text Ads

Trick the Craigslist spiders
Where to get the best hidden text
Copy & paste tricks to save time
Easily swipe thousands of hidden text ads
Using quick and easy redirects
How to instantly code your hidden text

09 min. 08 sec.

Craigslist Blackhat Marketing Videos

Generating Post Links

How to bypass the Craigslist System
Setup your links for quick submission
Optimizing your links for maximum traffic
Sneaky post generating tricks
Easy copy techniques for quick links
Cut your posting time by 90% with a few clicks

04 min. 43 sec.

Craigslist Blackhat Marketing Videos

Creating And Using Image Ads

Conceal your text in your image ads
Quickly learn how to make an image ad
Discover how to post your image ads
Increase sales conversions using image ads
Learn quick and easy coding for your image
Make money from posting your image ads

09 min 13 sec.

Craigslist Blackhat Marketing Videos

Automating Your Craigslist Business

Watch James as he goes through his entire system from start to finish and shows you exactly how he implements all the techniques from the videos!


This is one video you definitely don't want to miss! Almost 30 minutes of pure gold! This video is worth the entire price of the course!

27 min. 39 sec.

Craigslist Blackhat Marketing Videos


James walks you through how to manual post on for maximum results. This video covers everything you need to know about Backpage so you can drive even more free traffic to your website or affiliate offer!

09 min. 05 sec.


The Craigslist Blackhat System's breakthrough techniques will teach you faster and have you making money quicker than any other Craigslist system on the's so easy!


You get to look directly over the shoulder of one of the top Craigslist earners in the world! James Starr will guide you step by step as you watch him on his computer going through every little detail that will reveal how to start making thousands in no time flat.


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Once you go through the system and setup everything just like it says in the videos...You've made it! Now you can duplicate it over and over... MAKING MONEY AT WILL... WHENEVER YOU NEED IT. It's like having your own personal ATM Machine. The Craigslist Blackhat System makes it easy!


Craigslist Marketing System

Craigslist Blackhat Marketing System


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Craigslist Marketing System

Craigslist Blackhat Marketing System


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Craigslist Blackhat Marketing System

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